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Since the Prohibition in the 1930s, the world has grown sick. Animals are dying through deforestation and oil spill. Cancer has its hand on those who are ignorant, those who are brainwashed, those who are afraid. We know Cannabis is the cure for it all, yet we do not use it - the brainwashing of the Prohibition prevails, over eighty years later. People are dying because of it, and so is the Earth.

For me, it is Mother Earth's pain above all else, above humanity, that inspires and ignites my desire to fight for Cannabis and a return to the eco-friendly (and better) hemp industry. There are many reasons to fight for legalising this miracle plant; we need to stand up for our rights, both to a healthy body and a healthy planet.

My name is Charlotte, and this is just the first step on a long road of Earth Warrior projects ahead of me - let's hope my first step is true.
Poor Babes. Humans are nasty creatures.

Poor Babes. Humans are nasty creatures.

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Frybrid vegetable Fuel Systems allow mechanically injected diesel vehicles to run on straight, filtered vegetable oil. Vegetable oil as fuel is a cleaner, safer and less expensive alternative to petroleum based fuel. It can be locally produced, even grown in your own back yard!

So, why are still letting the oil companies destroy the world?

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It’s Hard To Believe

It’s hard to believe that our capitalist ideology creates so much rubbish, that kids and animals are literally swimming in it.

It’s hard to believe, that despite the existence of environmentally friendly fuel, people continue to bore into the Earth’s fragile surface for oil, regardless of the subsequent oil spills, death of wildlife, and consequent earthquakes; despite the sheer futility of relying on a product that we cannot replace and takes thousands of years to form naturally, they continue to destroy the world.

It’s hard to believe that paper and plastics continue to be made with environmentally damaging materials and practices - felling trees, destroying habitats, killing wildlife, drilling - when they could be made with hemp, which would replenish the Earth’s oxygen supply and soil, and is much safer to produce.

It’s hard to believe that the police put more stress on persecuting Cannabis users - many of whom are (otherwise) law-abiding citizens or patients, and productive members of their communities - than investigating robberies, murders, and rapes.

It’s hard to believe that I am considered a criminal in my country, and if someone were to report me, I would go to jail.

It’s hard to believe that that could happen, when I’ve never hurt anyone or stolen anything, I’ve never drunkenly vandalised someone’s car, I’m a good student, and I work in the healthcare industry with the elderly.

It’s hard to believe that, on this dying world, in this crumbling country, I am, secretly, a criminal. My criminality is more than reluctant; I want to save the Earth, and the future of our species, and I work hard, never disrupting anyone (except for our neighbours with the enlightened lawn-meadow) but that means nothing here, now.

It’s hard to believe, that despite my good intentions, I am not protected by the police, I am outlawed…that my path, my choices, could put me behind bars, or kill me. Yet, even with that fore-sight into the possible doom futures, I’m not perturbed - the reward will be much greater if we win - the Earth will be able to recover and people will realise things are wrong with our cultural ideology. Because humanity has gone seriously awry of late.

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more than one million marine birds and over 100,000 sea mammals die from ingestion or entanglement in plastic debris in the sea every year

And that’s not all…earth and people are effected too. Our mess is deadly.


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